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  • What is records management?

    Records Management is the field of management responsible for the systematic control of the creation, maintenance, use and disposition of records.

    At Pioneer, we address the life cycle of records.

    Pioneer Contract Services | Life Cycle of Records
  • Why offsite records management?

    Offsite records management allows organizations to increase security, efficiency and reduce costs by taking a systematic approach to document archiving and storage.

  • Where are my records stored?

    Your records are stored in our secure warehouse, which is monitored 24/7, climate controlled and organized with a digital barcode system.

  • What if I need records from offsite storage?

    We can locate individual records from anywhere in the warehouse through our barcode system. You can look through files in our on-site review room, or we’ll deliver documents to your office.

  • What is a records retention program?

    Our retention program keeps track of records from Pioneer’s first contact through ordered destruction, so you always know which records we have, and which ones have been securely destroyed.

  • How do I order services?

    With Pioneer, ordering services is easy. You can schedule pick-ups, drop-offs, shredding and other services online through our secure customer portal, or send us an email or call the office.

  • Can each department be invoiced separately?

    Yes. Our software allows you to customize your billing preferences. We can designate an authorized list of personnel who will have access to your records and order history by each department.


  • What type of shred bins do you provide?

    Mobile Rolling Bins

    • 32 Gallons — about 120 lbs. of paper
    • 64 Gallons — about 240 lbs. of paper

    Stationary Bins

    • 20 Gallons — about 80 lbs. of paper
  • How often are your bins serviced?

    We offer flexible service schedules.

  • Is the shredding performed on or offsite?

    Both. Shredding takes place in our mobile shred truck, or at our secure facility, depending on your needs.

  • What happens to the shredded paper?

    Shredded paper is sent to our vetted recycler, where materials are baled, pulped, bleached, processed and turned into consumer products. The recycler does not sell shredded material to businesses who allow disassembled documents to enter a public realm, where they could be reconstructed into items such as packing materials or animal bedding.

  • What kinds of materials does Pioneer shred?

    We shred everything from paper documents to hard drives, back-up tapes and cell phones.

  • Do we need to remove staples, paperclips and binder clips?

    No. Our shredder can handle a lot, so no need to go through your papers and take out small metal objects.

  • Why should we shred vs. just throwing documents away or recycling?

    It’s easier than you think to expose confidential information, especially in today’s fast-paced, technological world. It’s in a company’s best interest to protect their customers and themselves from potential data discrepancies, and many businesses are required by law to prevent proprietary information from becoming available to the public.

  • Do you provide carton destruction or bulk destruction?

    Yes. As veterans in the Records Management business, we know what it takes to be a comprehensive document management service provider. Pioneer is equipped to handle destruction projects of all shapes and sizes, and our expert staff will work with you to provide a solution for disposing of your items.

  • How do I know my company’s documents won’t fall into the wrong hands?

    All Pioneer staff undergo a thorough background check and drug and alcohol screening before being allowed on the premises. Additionally, each employee signs a confidentiality agreement which complies with our company safety and security policy.

    All our vehicles are equipped with a live satellite tracking system, so we know where your documents are located — even when they’re on the move. When items are offloaded at our facility in our limited-access, restricted-entry warehouse, they are under 24 hour camera surveillance and DVR monitoring.

    Pioneer has implemented operational work-flow procedures to ensure quality assurance measures are met, and projects are finished and inspected by management upon completion.

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